10 lessons business school didn't teach me

academy business growth Aug 17, 2020

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I went to college. I learned so much about how to prioritize, socialize, and work with people. And yes I learned bits and pieces of business, but the real learning happened in real life. In entrepreneurship experience trumps education most days. So today I'm going to share my top ten business lessons I've learned by doing. My hope is maybe some of it will empower you in your journey of business and personal growth!


1. Learn to say no. Some might argue with this one but I've discovered you are way more powerful if you do few things well instead of a lot of things mediocre. 

2. Give freely on occasion. Giving without expectation is so empowering, remember you don't always know what others are going through. It just feels good to make a positive difference in someones life. Do it.

3. Protect your time. Do audits periodically of how you are spending your time. Maybe that means less Netflix and more books. Maybe that means setting boundaries with some friends. Or maybe that means working 4 days instead of 5. For you time = money, don't forget it!

4. Make saving sexy. Before you go buy the newest, coolest, toy for your business really think about if you need it. There's something magical about running a lean business. You'll be more innovative and earn more in the long run!

5. Get help. Track people down who are farther down the road than you are and seek their mentorship. Don't be afraid to spend money on this, it will change your life! (Trust me, I learned this the hard way).

6. Find community. Get around other business owners who are innnn it. Your partner/family/friends love you and are a great support but sometimes ya just need to vent to someone who truly gets business ownership. Otherwise it can feel very isolating, don't let it.

7. Spoil your clients. You don't own them and they don't owe you. Seasons will come and go, clients will come and go, learn to appreciate the moments you get with them. Don't stop making your "regulars" feel special.

8. Embrace attract and repel. Sometimes people are just not the right fit. And other times clients feel like best friends. Learn to be your authentic self everywhere you show up and you'll attract the right people and repel the wrong.  

9. Take time away. You'll feel so much better and your clients will get better service from you. If you start feeling resentful, plan a vacation. If that doesn't work, plan a pivot.

10. Take action! Make decisions that feel good for you. The more you take care of you and what's important to you, the better your business will be. Your clients will thank you for it too ;)


Probably not what you thought, huh? I hope you take some of these to heart and apply them to your day to day. Oh and all of this is the foundation for my Grow Academy! You can find out more here: Grow Academy. I'd love to have you join our tribe! Until next time...

Happy Hustling,

Kelsey Marie

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