Don't let Covid cancel your business!

It just felt like time to do a little Covid check-in. Like an update on how life has been since it changed for literally all of us. Things are weird. And unknown. And at times messy. But I would argue now is the perfect time to work ON your business. Yup. You know, the goal setting, planning, pivoting, growing, that kind of stuff. And here is why.

Maybe you actually enjoyed some down time and it made you realize you are working too much. And if your business has entered a busy season, it's made you feel... resentful? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Then you, my friend, need to make some real business shifts that will rock your world. 

More real talk... Maybe your business had to close (like salons in Washington) and you had no cash reserves. Then it's time to figure out a way to make more money in your business. And also come up with a spending strategy that keeps you in check. 

How about clients? Are there some you were hoping would kind of forget about you? They're nice and...

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