Stop chasing clients, 5 ways to promote your business the right way!

Marketing isn't about getting more followers.

It's about building relationships, sharing your personality, and putting yourself out there. If you're trying to get more clients and you're begging people to come to you, you're doing it wrong! Which means it's time to do it right! Here's my top 5 tips to get the right clients in your chair/website/table/wherever you do business!

1. Give, give, give: So many of my clients come from a simple comment on their stories. Spend some time engaging with your current clients and dream clients every day on social. Having a hard time staying focused? Set a timer for engagement time.

2. Be authentic: The more "you" you inject in your social media, the better. People want to feel a human connection, not some corporate robot. Create boundaries but don't be afraid to share parts of yourself in your posts!

3. Know who you're talking to: Think of your posts like you're having a coffee date with your dream client. Use words they use, type how you would talk,...

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