Your business needs you to take a break

Let's talk about the importance of rest. The ability to take a break, unplug, or play. If you work for someone else, then you take sick leave or vacation time. You also have weekends and holidays off (most often). But if you work for yourself, YOU have to create that rest. YOU have to take that time off for yourself. And this is so important because you need it, your business needs it!


I'm writing to you from one of my favorite places, the mountains. And as I sit here absorbing the quiet of nature and a strong cup of coffee, I can't help but think of all the years I didn't know how to rest. And quite honestly it's something I still struggle with. But I've learned how important rest is and it's something I now make a priority. Today I'm encouraging you to do the same!


Your business will be better if you create time for rest. You'll get more inspiration, have more stamina, and will enjoy a happier balanced life. Maybe you start with planning a big vacation each year. Or...

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How to set goals you'll actually want to achieve

We've all been there. Finished that life changing self help book that leaves us feeling like we can concur the world. We dream up a new idea then spend the next few days scrolling Instagram for "inspiration." Well then what? Crickets.

That idea of yours? It's not going to come to fruition in the back pages of Big Magic or Girl Wash Your Face or You Are A Badass. It's not going to happen with Tony Robbins yelling in your earbuds or Brendon Burchard gesturing excitedly through YouTube. It's going to happen because you made it.

Do you want to know how to do that? Keep reading and then when you're done, set down your phone and get to work!

1. Say it out loud. Your goal has to be specific, laser focused. If it's to live a happy life, define what happy means! If it's to not worry about money, start with a number! Then tell someone who will hold you accountable.

2. Start big and work backwards. Is your goal to pay off debt? Great. Start with the total number then work backwards....

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