5 ways to grow your biz, right from your couch

business Oct 12, 2020

I get it.... The rain has come, Netflix is on, and this Pandemic is still happening. And while it's easy to not make eye contact with your business, there are some small things you can work on right now. Yes, while in sweat pants. And yes, for free.

These are my top 5 tips for working on your business from the comfort of your couch. They might feel small to you, but if executed well, they go a long way. So without further a do... here you go!

1. Personally reach out to every customer just so say hi, see how they are, and thank them for supporting you. Feeling fancy? Send them a hand written card!

2. Create systems in your business. Write out e-mail templates to common questions you get. Or upgrade your booking software to be more streamlined. Ask yourself, what tasks take a lot of my time and can they be automated? A lot can be done on Google Drive for free.

3. Plan out social media. Map out goals for the quarter, hone in on monthly specials/launches you want to promote, and sit down to schedule each week. Stay consistent and focus on serving your clients. Even if it's just one platform, you want them to see that you're still around!

4. Start a blog/vlog/podcast. Find a way to share your voice and reach your clients in a new way. Start with listing off topics you're passionate about, choosing which platform feels most comfortable to you, then go for it!

5. Make money moves. Maybe you need to get clear on your business spending. Or you're thinking about starting a retirement account. Either way, start with making a financial goal then plan next steps to help get you there. 

And if you're like okay sweet, this all sounds fine and dandy... but I don't really know how to implement it, then cool. Guess what? You're in the right place! This is EXACTLY why I created Grow Academy. It takes all of these ideas and gives you a game plan AND some coaching support to help you improve your business. I would LOVE to have you join us in our Grow Academy Tribe, you can find out more here: https://www.gatherandgrow.me/thegrowacademy.

Until next time...

Happy Hustling,



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